Welcome on the educational platform
of a new interdisciplinary PhD studies
in the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences – ICS PAS

Studies are executed within the framework of the Project “Information technologies: research and their interdisciplinary applications” of the Human Capital Operational Programme (Co-financed by the European Social Found). Project website: phd.ipipan.waw.pl

Courses on this platform are for everybody (PhD students, postdocs, trainees) who is willing to expand his knowledge in fields of Information Technology on a PhD level and is eager to become a beneficiary of the Project.

Since September 2015 following e-learning courses are launched:

1. Selected advanced topics in machine learning

2. Introduction to modern cryptography

3. Mathematical modeling of nonlinear biosystems

4. Advanced statistical methods

5. Advanced data analysis software development with R

6. Mining massive datasets

7. Java for science

After completing the course You will receive ECTS credits and a certificate.


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Contact on e-learning courses:
phone.: +48 22 3800 512
e-mail: phd@ipipan.waw.pl

Feel free to join the Project
supervisor – coordinator of the Project
Marek Miszewski

  • certificates

    I would like to inform you certificates of courses completion are ready to take from Courses office (room 239 IPI building at Jana Kazimierza 5). If you don't take a certificate till Friday it will be send by mail 29.03.2016 (in paper form). Please write an email to me if you would like to update your current home address.

    Anna Mrozik
    Courses office
    tel. 22 38 00 570
    mail: Anna.Mrozik@phd.ipipan.waw.pl